Rochester, New York Ikebana International Chapter 53 September Update

art flowers arrangementDespite the COVID-19 social restrictions, the Ikebana International Rochester Chapter 53 has been meeting through Zoom to conduct business and workshops.  Some pictures of the workshop arrangements are posted on our “Events” page. With the news that a COVID-19 vaccine will not be available until the end of the second quarter or third quarter of 2021, it appears that we will not be able to meet in person until the last half of the same year.  However, any new people interested in joining can still do so and be invited to the workshops.  Until the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, there will probably be no exhibitions.  Anyone interested in getting more information can always contact us.  In our chapter there are five schools of ikebana represented with their own styles which new members can get to know over time.  One may join and have their own independent study not being aligned with any one school.  Or, one can formally become a student in any one of the schools.  All are welcome!

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