Finding an authentic ikebana teacher in the Rochester and Buffalo areas:

Finding an ikebana teacher can be difficult as there may be people who say that they do ikebana, but actually are self-styled hobbyists with no formal training.  In the Ikebana International Rochester Chapter 53 there are 16 members who have teaching certificates.  They have passed their ikebana school’s requirements to teach students.  If one is interesting in finding out if a person who states they can teach ikebana, is actually certified, the two most important questions are by what ikebana school they are certified, and can they show their certificate.  If the person has a certificate, they will be happy to show you as they have worked hard to get it.  There is no need to feel that asking such as question is rude.  The other question one may ask is if there is anyway that they can see their work.  A person may be very good in their school of ikebana, but still not be the style that one wants to learn.  A Picasso painting may be very valuable and praised by many, but still one may not want to buy it to hang in their home.

The Ikebana International Rochester Chapter 53 offers ways of getting to know the different teachers, their school’s style of ikebana and what their lesson options are.  Just contact us with your information and more information can be shared.