Rochester, NY Ikebana International member obituary

Our dear chapter member, Fudeko Maruyama, passed away on December 24, 2020 from complications associated with Covid 19. She was 91. Fudeko studied Hijiri Ikenobo with Yasuko Spence and enjoyed making the traditional ikebana arrangements. The group she took classes with enjoyed her gentle, sweet nature and quiet sense of humor.

Not many knew that Fudeko had a PhD in Foods and Nutrition from University of California at Berkeley. She served with the Cooperative Extension Service at the University of Kentucky and was a faculty member at University of Michigan Department of food science and human nutrition. During her academic career Dr. Fudeko Maruyama was involved in nutrition research and frequently participated on national panels, led workshops and wrote or co-authored papers on this topic. Among the articles she wrote were:

“Nutrition and Cancer: food choices to avoid cancer risk”, Development of Single Concepts of Films for EFNEP”, “Impact of a Nutrition Education Program on Appalachian Families in Poverty” and “Dietary Characteristics of the Elderly.” In a publication on the Fundamentals of Nutrition and Aging, Dr. Fudeko Maruyama’s name appears as a contributor

in a book which summarizes the role of land grant institutions in applied human nutrition for the Department of Agriculture, Nutrition Foundation.

Dr. Fudeko Maruyama: wife, mother, scientist, long time member of I.I. Rochester 53, ikebana artist and our friend. She will be missed.

There will be a virtual ikebana exhibition for Fudeko on April 15th at our meeting.