Upstate New York Holiday Ikebana

One of the many pleasant things ikebana practitioners do is make holiday arrangements.  Ikebana reflects our lives.  And these arrangements may reflect the seasons, joyous, but also sad times.  This month, we have some special arrangements to show from members of the Ikebana International Rochester Chapter 53.  Many times these arrangements will use certain materials which are associated with the season.  Probably the most common material in this climate at this time are evergreens.  Any plant materials which is associated with the season such as poinsettias are also a very good choice.   White flowers such as the smaller ones in the above picture may suggest snow.  The larger white flowers in the arrangement below also can have that cooling effect on the viewer.  The choice of materials of course is determined by the area.  People living in desert or tropical areas may use materials which are common in that area.  For example, ikebana enthusiasts living in the Phoenix, Arizona area may not use pine or poinsettias but plant materials that grow in that desert climate.  The same holds true for people living in tropical areas such as Key West.  However, in Japan, evergreens are a favorite this time of year.  No matter where one lives, using pine for the Christmas season is always appropriate.  Making these arrangements to have around the home when guests come over is a wonderful way to welcome guests.  It shows how much the host cares for their guests.  So, enjoy these pictures as our gift to you for this season.