Rochester Ikebana Teachers go to Washington, DC for Ichiyo School Event

The Head Master (Iemoto) of the Ichiyo School of Ikebana (Naohiro Kasuya) travels from Japan to Washington, DC for a three day event this past September.
After several days of preparation with the help of students, the Iemoto made several large arrangements on stage.  As with the previous Iemoto (his father), the Ichiyo School’s use of bamboo was front and center in this demonstration.  Getting bamboo this size is not easy; it had to be shipped in from Georgia.  When he was done, the audience had the feel of walking in a bamboo forest.
In contrast, he also included a modern  arrangement using black grids and red rope, bamboo, large red anthuriums, yellow oncidium orchids, and gloriosa lilies.  This arrangement may be seen behind the Iemoto on the right side of the  photograph.  A framed arrangement (hana-tsuitate) using coxcomb and azalea branches are seen behind the Iemoto on the left side of the photograph. 
The most advanced teachers of the Rochester, NY, branch of the Ichiyo School of Ikebana (from the left to right) who attended the event were Junior Master Gail Newman and Master Karen Napoli.  Ms. Napoli has lived in Japan for years taking lessons from the past Iemoto at the school headquarters in Tokyo.  Ms Newman has also flown to Japan and taken lessons there.  
Such events where the Iemoto of the Ichiyo School comes over from Japan and does a large scale demonstration with subsequent workshops occurs only once every several years.  It gives teachers and other students the chance to have their arrangements critiqued by the Head Master and fellowship with other students all across the United States and even other countries.  We’ll look forward to the Iemoto’s return

Photographs of the event were taken by Alexis Doty of F22 Video Solutions.