The doors will open at 9:00 AM.

Demonstrations start at 10:00 and everyone must be seated.

After the demonstration, there will be a brief interview with JoEllen Budnick in regards to her Chiko School for the NCAR oral history library. 

Lunch (BYO).

Lunch is in the “Garden Room.”  A map and arrows will lead you down past the office area.  There will be coffee, tea, and water free to all people who stay for lunch.  There are local restaurants and a large Wegmans where you can get a decent lunch quickly.

Workshops begin at 1:00 PM.

Please have a seat in one of the four areas for workshops.  Once you choose a school to watch demonstrate their workshop study, you must remain there until the teacher is finished instructing.  When the teacher is finished and students begin their work, you are free to walk quietly around to view all the other schools.  There is room for eight students to stay with their workshop of choice to be critiqued.  All others will have to audit.  If you are interested in taking the workshop of – Ohara, Sogetsu, Hijiri Ikenobo or Ichiyo, kindly RSVP as soon as possible and you will be  up.

Everyone must wear a mask inside the venue.

Payment of admission and merchandise must be paid by cash or personal check.  Thank you. 


Judy Charlick–pottery and baskets.
Etsuko Goode–Obi and kimono made into purses, runners, & fine fashion.
Rie Maywar–washi jewelry.
Dennis Burns–Sumi-e plus sharpening of scissors.
I. I. Ginza–ikebana supplies.
International foods.